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     EAE Global software is a leading offshore software outsourcing provider,Our Projects are our signatures in the Technology worls.We Done So many projects with different clients around the world.here we are specifying few among them.

IT Consulting Projects

     IT consulting focuses on advising businesses on how best to use information technology to meet their business objectives and organizational goals. We helps clients to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their IT application environments by carefully planning and implementing IT initiatives; by designing re-usable, platform-independent software solutions; by being down-to-earth and focusing on practical features and functionalities rather than on fancy frills; and by ensuring that the applications have built-in scalability and can grow with the organization.

     We Help our clients to optimize their technology stack so as to enhance productivity, reduce risk and maximize return on investment is what we accomplish through our IT consulting services.

Web Application Projects

     A good web application is one that is user friendly, stable, easy to maintain and most importantly meets its business objectives in a cost effective manner.

     Proven skills in web technologies complemented with our experience allow us to incorporate complex business logic into our projects in a simple and elegant manner. This allows us to create web applications that are robust, scalable and are of high performance

     In addition to providing web applications of high quality, we also offer database design, development and support. This allows us mask tricky and complicated functionalities with aesthetic and simple interfaces providing complete end to end solutions

Mobile Application Projects

     With vast adoption among the masses, mobiles have become the core of sustenance in every industry. This opens up enormous opportunities for the mobile world. It is in fact a necessity for on-line companies to have mobile applications that serve both corporate and user needs.

     There are a lot of mobile applications available in the market today. Mobile applications range from simple utility programs that make your life easier to complex health applications that monitor your vital signs and make you lead a better and happier life.

     We keep ourselves well informed of the latest technologies in the mobile space. In addition to providing unique solutions that give you a competitive edge in the market place.

Technologies We Play Around

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